Volume automation before channel fader

I’m looking for an audio insert to automate volume, pre-mixer. I don’t use audio clips. I want to automate the volume at the end of my channel’s chain, before the mixer.
Automation of the mixer is just a no-no because that is used to set overall mix levels.
Ableton has something called UTILITY that I used previously. Anything in Cubase that is simple enough? I don’t want to use Kiloheart’s Gain, Sonalksis or any of those.
And it would be great if I could set the upper limit to 0dB for the automation

Can you explain what you mean by this?

In Cubase the MixConsole encompass the entire Audio path. So there really isn’t anything that is before it other than your Audio Interface.

If you want to adjust the gain of an entire Channel prior to the Fader, EQ, Inserts, etc. that can be done (and fully automated) in the Pre section. This is available both in the MixConsole Rack and also Channel Settings.

(I’m moving over from Ableton to Cubase, hence my lack of Cubase knowledge)

In Ableton, I usually added a “device” (“Audio Insert” in Cubase) that I used to automate the volume of a channel, as my last insert before the channel fader. The faders are ONLY used to adjust relative channel levels because you don’t want to fiddle with the automation if the whole channel needs a volume increase. The volume automation needs to happen at the end of the Audio inserts, not before…

I have found VSTs like Sonalksis and kilohearts, but they are terrible and “ott”.

If you already have automation in place and need to make a volume change, you can select all your volume automation lane and increase the volume for the entire set of automation. Once selected, a little v shape appears in the automation lane, near the top in the middle. Just drag up or down and everything changes by the same amount.

I found my solution. It’s called “Track Control” (from DMG Audio). It’s almost exactly like Ableton’s UTILITY insert which consist of a GAIN, WIDTH, etc…
It’s lightweight and I can just drop in in anywhere in my Audio Inserts chain and apply volume automation right there in the chain…