volume automation controlling a filter ? (or is there a volume controlled filter plugin ?)


is it somehow possible within Cubase to “route” (and possibly interpret) an existing automation data to an insert fx ?
Currently i’m mixing sound effects for a movie, and i want a low pass filter to automatically cut off the highs when a channel gets lower in volume (to recreate the natural effect of things further away having less higher frequencies). So if the cutoff frequency is controlled by the channels volume that should do the trick. There are a lot of movements, and programming all this manually is quite a lot of work. My best guess was to copy the volume automation to the filter automation and adjust it…but maybe there’s an easier solution ?

Or does anyone know a simple filter plugin that can be controlled by it’s input volume (this should be easy, but right now i haven’t found one) ?

Thanks for any hint in advance !

Try FabFilter Volcano 2.

You can control the volume and cutoff with the same MIDI CC. Then adjust the strength of the modulation separately.

For example; you can set MIDI CC 7 to control volume 75% but the filter cutoff only 50%.