volume automation follow fader moves..


I have volume automation on several tracks in my mix. Also send efx to efxtrack and grouptracks… Now I want to lower the volume on all my tracks, so I select all faders and do so…
But, how do I do to make the volume automation to follow ? I mean is there a n easy way to “connect” all automation so it follows when I raise or lower my track and group faders??

Probably stupid question but please help.


I would put all these tracks in 1 VCA-fader and use that VCA-fader to ride all the connected faders/levels. You can even (trim-) automate that VCA fader and decide afterwards to apply this VCA-fader-automation to the faders of the tracks that are connected to this VCA.

Beware though: using VCA’s and (trim-) automation has been unreliable in the past, and I can not say how it’s acting nowadays with the introduction of Nuendo 10.3…

Hope this helps?
Niek/ Amsterdam.

Thanks! I recently started to use vca… and was not sure if vca would manage everything, not just the faders…when it comes to the different ways to use automation I still dont feel I get it right…I have to play and sort it out now!


Highly recommend that you place automation nodes on all VCAs and VCA-controlled tracks before you get into mixing with VCAs. At least earlier there were some nasty bugs that were solved by doing this.

Looks like Steinberg -indeeed- didn’t get the VCA automation-issues sorted:
Steinberg Forums :imp:

Niek/ Amsterdam.