Volume Automation in Cubase Artist 9 possible?


I was watching a video on volume automation and I was thought this was possible in Cubase Artist 9.


Can anyone explain how this can be done? Or is it only available in Cubase Pro 9?


Volume automation is possible in the Artist Version. Press the write button and move the fader. Everything else is in the dedicated chapter about automation in the cubase manaual.

This is of course available in all Cubase versions.

Click the bottom left of the track, right below where the track type icon and track number are. This will open an automation lane.

However, the Automation Panel (F6), which allows you to display waveforms on the automation lanes is only available in Cubase Pro.

Note that the automation handling has been greatly improved in Cubase 9.5. You can have smooth, complex automation curves with just two automation points, and you can precisely increase or lower the level of a specific section of audio with just two clicks:

Thanks for the replies. I have used the ‘write’ option many times but I liked the idea of drawing in when to automate. Romantique Tp thanks for the screenshot, that is what I was thinking of but when you say it has been “greatly improved in Cubase 9.5.” Do you mean in Cubase Pro or also in Artist?

The automation improvements shown in the video are available in all versions of Cubase 9.5.

Showing the waveform or MIDI data behind the automation lane like my screenshot is only available in Cubase Pro, by using the Automation Panel.

thanks again Romantique. I just recorded and mixed a track for a band and I wanted the vocals to punch in a bit louder during the chorus. By doing what you showed me I was able to lower the volume of two different guitars at precisely the volume and time as each other during the chorus - even within parts of the chorus. I think this made it sound a smoother transition than what I could have achieved manually using write and holding the fader.