Volume automation in template:Spikes! Project corrupt? =VCA!

I’ve got this template with several tracks going to dedicated stems.
When automating faders with Virgin Territory on and automation mode to “Touch”, all of my fader-automation-curves start with a spike from -00 dB before they immediately go to the value where I grabbed the fader.

When I create a new track, the fader-automation-curves start at the value where I grabbed the fader, without the spike, just as they should…
Is this a bug, or has my template got corrupt, or am I overlooking something?

BTW: this only appears to happen with fader-automation, not with other parameters…

Niek/ Amsterdam.

In my template, all of my tracks are going to dedicated stems, but also to dedicated VCA’s.
When I remove my track from its VCA , the automation acts as it should: no more spikes!
I don’t know why, but connecting a track to a VCA and putting it into Touch-mode with Virgin Territory on, creates these spikes at the moment one grabs the fader (with a mouse, as well as a physical fader on a MC Pro)…

Looks like a bug!

Niek/ Amsterdam.


thanks for your report. We will look at it immediately and will handle this with priority.


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