Volume Automation issue in cubase 8.5 Pro


Since I have upgraded to Cubase 8.5 Pro - I have issues with : Volume Automation issue in cubase 8.5 Pro
If a track has a volume automation - it won’t be heard !!!

Please advise!

Hey man! I just want to say I have the same problem and so do many others. I made a [PARENT THREAD] for this issue, so that Steinberg can see how many suffer from this. The idea was to gather as much information (and links to other threads about this) as possible into a convenient place (opening post) so that Steinberg can fix this ASAP. I am still awaiting validation on the thread, which is a shame since I already have a few things to add.

The reason I think I should be the one doing this is the fact that I just reinstalled everything after upgrading my PC and had nothing except Cubase standard plugins installed when this issue happened. This allows us to rule out everything, the fault is with Steinberg.

Just gonna put updates here for now, as a reminder for myself:

  • touching the fader restores playback while left mouse button is being held
  • turning off “read” and moving the fader will restore playback
  • every time I open one of these projects it instantly acts if something has changed, prompting a save on closing

This really is a huge problem and I just wondered since your one of the earliest I’ve found to write about this problem, whether you have found a workaround or something for this? I really need to finish my work soon…

Hey ! i have the same problem here, it’s really annoying … i had it before, i don’t know how it’s been fixed again. Now i’m having it again ! This is a real issue here! i can’t work with my automation now …