Volume automation Lane output channel variance

On group channels and output channels, the volume automation Lane is essential where the WAV visualization would be, were it an audio track.
In a current group of projects, I am using several outputs to the console, and, for some reason, one of those channels shows the volume automation line underneath - where you would have to find it for an audio track.
How do I fix this?


Unfortunately we don’t know which track is which track type in your project. Could you provide more exact deception or show the icons, please?

The ones named Trident are stereo output channels. The one named Mix is a stereo input channel. I don’t see an icon for them but you can see they are in the input/output channel folder.

Select the track in question and change the automation parameter to volume!


If you can’t see the dropdown, make it visible.

Thanks! I’ve never stretched them out far enough to see that before!