Volume Automation Problems, Urgent Help Needed!

Hello Everyone, we are having two particularly crazy problems and Steinberg can’t figure it out either. I know you all are pretty keen on this stuff too so hopefully we can solve it together.

Running Nuendo 5.5.

Here are the 2 most problematic issues:

  1. We are not able to preview plug-ins of ANY type when applying to
    clips/regions. This function used to work properly, but now when clicking
    “preview” on any plugin we get a few seconds of silence, then a fraction
    of a second of the clip and preview stops. We’ve tried looking in
    preferences, etc, but have found no fix.

  2. Volume automation is at times not playing back or
    exporting smoothly. We get a “stair-stepping” effect rather than a smooth
    ramp over a straight fade up/down, especially with shorter fades, and most
    audible in the quietest part of the fades.
    Also, at times the automation is not read or played back correctly in that
    a dip or bump move will play back too late or early, then when same
    section is played again a second or third time it may eventually playback

    Thanks in advance everyone!

This sounds like a performance problem of your computer.
It all has to do with buffering and memory access.
That is where I would start looking.

Also, please provide your computer specs, you might as well be on a Bell Computer from 1907.


Thank you, this has solved the problem, DOINK! The funny thing is we did this yesterday and it didn’t work but I suppose restarting the computer enacted it to work. The only problem with it is that when the buffer is set as low as this is we sometimes get really loud bursts of audio from previewing in a plugin or even sometimes on the timeline. Any ideas as to why?

yes, computer performance. Sound like you are “out of juice”.