volume automation questions

I was in volume automation Hell this morning and am hoping someone has solutions that were eluding me.

How can i make it so that when I copy MIDI parts between tracks i don’t copy volume and panning automation?

I have a “Main volume” in my controller lanes in the MIDI editor that looks like it’s separate from the volume I use in the arrange window. How can I see that setting in the arrange window as well so that I can have two separate volume automation choices to edit on a track?

a solution might be:
enter into the key editor of the part you wanna copy
select all (ctrl/cmd + a)
copy (ctrl/cmd + c)
create an empty part on the channel you want to paste it
move with the cursor on the 1st note you copied
paste ctrl/cmd + v

hope that helps

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happy music!!!

Thanks, that would do it.