Volume boost on plugin insert slots 7 & 8

Is it just me, but When I moved my Revalver 3.5 plugin from slot 1 to slot 7/8 i got a significant volume boost playing guitar.
Initially I though well there were six other plugs inserted although all switched off - that might be affecting the tone. So… I deleted all the extra plugins RV3.5 was still louder. One louder in fact. (Slightly distorted.)
I closed that project and opened another and the same thing happened. I tried Acme Bar Gigs Headcase and Amplitude with the same result.
Set up a new audio track and insert RV 3.5 demo , then move to slot 7. Exactly the same.

Has anyone else noticed this?

I am running 6.5.1 64bit
Intel 3.4 x 6 Windows 7 64 bit
RME Fireface UC

Have a look at page 169 of the operation manual!

Inserts 1-6 are pre-EQ and pre-fader
Inserts 7-8 are post-EQ and post-fader

So the signals being received at inserts 7 & 8 are affected by both the EQ settings and the channel fader position.

As Split said, page 169 of the operation manual.

Guess I am a typical guy!
Also it is a bloody big manual.
Thanks guys - now how do I clean this egg off my face?

Make some great music. :wink:

Or just make any music.

Will do, or will at least try!