Volume Control in Project not working!

This is real strange. The volume slider in the project window is not working, but the volume slider in the
mixer window works. Also, the Right channel is weaker than the right channel.

Sounds like the perfect time to trash prefs :slight_smile:

Will do. Has this happened to you before? Haven’t done this in ions. Do you mean the preferences in the Library?

Trashed the prefs and no change. I am considering just trashing Cubase 5 and re-installing from the disk and upgrading to 5.3.3. Sound like a good idea?

Okay. I trashed the Cubase 5 app and reinstalled from the DVD and updated to 5.5.3. The Volume slider in the project window still doesn’t change the volume. It’s dead. Any ideas?

You don’t say if you’re using Control Room or not. Either way, it took 20 seconds to find the answer to 1 in the Operations Manual.

For 2, what’s the Pan Law set to?

Oh. Sorry. Don’t use Control Room. BTW, The Project Window Volume control slider does work in Cubase 6 with the same arrangement. Pan law? I’ll check it out in the morning. Had to shut down for the night. Thanks for your help. Played some itunes songs through the same sound card Cubase uses and the Left side is normal and the Right side is weak. Monitors OK, PowerAmps OK. Might be the Central Station.

The Pan Law in the Project window settings is the default -3 which has always been good. It’s not the panning. The problem seems to be hardware related and right now I’m looking at the Central Station which is acting squirrley. I still am wondering about the volume control on the Transport. Works in Cubase 6 but not Cubase 5 even with a clean install.

Mitten. I feel your protocol is far below your level of awareness. With this in mind I should tell you I solved the problem and feel it best not to discuss the remedy. Hint: It’s not in the Operations Manual.

If the solution was to set the Output bus to Main Mix, yes it was.

Your protocol of not posting the solution for others leaves a lot to be desired. :wink:

Well, I’ve had a good day. The solution was simply trashing the prefs again after re-installing Cubase 5 from the disk and upgrading again to 5.5.3. As far as the Left heavy situation goes, it was and is the Central Station which has taken a small dump. I am going to send it in for service and then sell it. I am ordering a Coleman unit next week. Spending a bit of time bypassing the Central Station made me realize just how bad it sounds.