Volume control with external midi controller

… have you tried it with a new project? Still reproducible?
… and I guess it will still crackle with 1.1.84?


I tried different constellations. Installed 1.1.84. Another and new projects. Tested it with Halion und Padshop sounds. Connected my Yamaha CK61 as Master Keyboard instead of CP88. Same crackling…
Hint: I use the built in audio interfaces of CP88 or CK61 without an external audio interface.
Thank You! I enjoy VSTLive, great job!

Was Beat running when you tried? If not, could you check while Transport is started and Beat is activated? Thanks again!

Yes, I tried with activated and running Beat an Metronome, single also. The crackling is there, also. But only if I move the faders of sounds (Mixer and Layers), not if I move the faders of Metronome or Beat (in Mixer or Beat). Thank you again!

I noticed that the crackling when moving the faders has to do with the buffer size settings. At high (1024) or low (64) values, the crackling is significantly louder. I’ve tried different settings. In my case, the crackling is lowest at 192 samples and “Low Latency”. This is a tradeoff between CPU usage and latency… This is an acceptable solution for me. Many thanks for your help! Tim