Volume control with external midi controller

I use the Studiologic Mixface SL controller to manage several parameters in VST LIVE including part volumes and master volume.
The learning activity works perfectly but I noticed that moving the Studiologic sliders I don’t get the same correspondence in VST LIVE.

Thank you, @Giorgio_Pellegrini. We’ll have a look as soon as possible,

I tried to use an alternative external device: Komplete Kontrol S61.
The same problem occurs.

What exactly do you do, and what happens (or doesn’t)?

I connect the midi controller (e.g. Studiologic SL MixFace or Komplete Kontrol S61) then:

start VST Live,

create a Layer (e.g. piano sound),

I connect via learning (bottom left icon of VST Live) the volume of the layer to one of the sliders of my controller.

The learning function works perfectly

I move the physical slider of the mapped external controller but the VST Live volume slider doesn’t respond correctly.

I did the same test with Cubase and the cursors (that of the external controller and that of the Cubase mixer) move in a perfectly synchronized way.

Did you check the values in Devices/Actions and Shortcuts? This usually works, but MIDI channel or data limits (data1/2 from/To) may have been influenced by other values. If it still fails, pls. show us the learned entries in Actions and Shortcuts.

Thanks. And in Devices/Connections, MIDI Input “CONTROLLER” is connected to a physical input?

Your picture shows Actions of the “Channel” category. If you learned a Layer slider, you should want to check the “Layer” category in Devices/Actions and shortcuts.

Good evening,
Sorry for the late reply but I’ve been busy for work.

I confirm that a physical device is connected to the “Midi Input” Controller. In this case the device is the “Studiologic SL Mixface” as shown in photo 1.

I changed the link as suggested. Now the configuration is in the Layer category session in Devices/Actions and shortcuts.
(see photo 2).

VST Live keeps having problems working. As shown in photo 3, we note that the physical controller sends Midi values ​​from 1 to 4 but the cursor instantly rises to values ​​of 20 - 30 db.

This behavior occurs regardless of the external physical device.

I wanted to ask if you have had the opportunity to do some simple tests to verify live.

Thanks for the attention.


You are correct, we will fix this very soon.

Good morning, thanks for the support.
I am waiting for the solution.

Good morning,
I downloaded and installed version 1.1.83.
The problem has been solved, now it works perfectly.
Thanks for your support and congratulations on the great work you do to grow the platform.

Hello, thank you for solving the Problem, too. I use the Yamaha Foot Controller FC7 at the Yamaha CP88 to control the volume of mixer channels in VSTLive. The controlling works perfectly now. But while I move the controller/fader there is a crackling - only when sound is played, not when quiet. How can I solve this?
Thank you, Tim

It must not crackle. Which fader shows this, Mixer or Layer? If Mixer, what kind of channel?

It is the Mixer, Not Layer. I tried different Kind of channels, all are affected, Instrument, Group an Main.

Hi @Tim_All,

just to be sure : You are running the latest Pre-Release (1.1.83)? Your Yamaha Foot Controller FC7 controls only - let’s say - the Song-Channel in the Mixer. Nothing more?
And the audio will crackle, when Transport is running and you are using your Foot Controller? What happens if you are controlling the Pan of the Song-Channel instead of the Volume?

Thank you,

Hi Michael, thank you. Yes, I installed 1.1.83 an then I noticed the crackling for the first time. It is independent if transport ist running or not.

Now during testing, I noticed that it’s not only the FC7 foot controller, but also when I move (1) the volume faders of mixer or layer or (2) the pan faders of mixer or layer on the PC (mouse/touch screen), there is that light crackling. That ist independent of the type of channel fader in the mixer. It only occurs when sound is played.

Maybe I should try another audio interface.

Thank you,

Could you pls. try Layer faders/pans (screen items) and maybe the font-sizer in “Notes” as well? And it happens both with touch, and mouse actions, correct? Thanks!

Ok, I tried. Even if I move the volume faders and the pan knob it happens. Yes, happens with mouse, trackpad an touch (an pedal…). It is not so, if I move the velocity knobs in layers. I tried the font sizer in Notes, no crackling. Also tried the faders in Beat, no crackling.
Thank you,