Volume Drop Issue in Dorico 5 on Mac with MIDI Keyboard

Hello everyone,

I’m encountering a volume drop issue in Dorico 5 on Mac Sonoma 14.3 when using a MIDI keyboard to play selected instruments. Initially, the sound starts at a normal volume but after a while, it suddenly decreases for no apparent reason. Do you have a solution for this?

Thank you.

@DavideAiden, welcome to the forum.

Is this when playing back or when actually playing notes on the keyboard? Does this happen in all projects?

(The most efficient way to get a solution, especially to project-specific problem, is to post a project that demonstrates the problem. A cut-down version (e.g. 2 bars) is perfectly fine as long as the issue is still present!)

One way to check volume issues with playback is to open the Key Editor and look at an CC or Dynamics events, perhaps some have inadvertently been changed.

Thank you @DanielMuzMurray for getting back to me quickly.

The problem happens when I press keys on the keyboard. The sound plays fine and matches the dynamics I set.

I checked the CC automations in the Key Editor, and they seem okay to me. But the problem continues even if I don’t start playing the score.

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And is it just in the one project?

I just tried it in another project and it does it again.

What playback sounds are you using, and what instruments are you writing for? Does your MIDI keyboard have a modulation wheel controller? If so, it could be that you’re nudging the mod wheel, which drives dynamics for most of Dorico’s default sounds for sustaining instruments.

Thank you, @dspreadbury for joining the conversation.

I’m using the playback sounds called “Iconica Sketch, HSO, HALion Sonic Sel., Olympus, GASE.” The issue persists across two different projects— one for Soprano Sax, Vibraphone, and Double Bass, and another for full orchestra. It also occurred when I tried one of Dorico’s Project Templates.

The only MIDI keyboard controller I have access to at the moment is an old Miditech Midicontrol. It does have both pitch and modulation wheel controls, which I’m certain I didn’t touch while playing notes. However, given its age, I’m concerned it might be sending some CC info on its own.

I think it’s a possibility that you’ve got a dodgy modulation wheel on your keyboard. Take a look at the bottom right-hand corner of the Dorico project window: there will be a small green indicator there that flashes when Dorico is receiving MIDI signals. If it’s flashing or on continuously when you’re not touching your keyboard, then it certainly suggests a problem with your hardware.

Try activating Filter out MIDI controllers on the Play page of Preferences.

That might have solved it. I moved the mod wheel to the maximum value, and now it seems stable whenever I play the keyboard. Since I don’t currently need to control velocity, I’ll likely activate the Filter you suggested. Thank you so much for your excellent assistance!