Volume drop'outs while recording vocals on Cubase LE 9.5

Hello people,

I am using a Line 6 UX2 as audio device and a Neewer NW-700 +48V as microphone directly plugged into the audio device.

I am experiencing volume drop outs while recording vocals, especially during the first second: when I start to sing and the signal comes in but it also happens while sustained singing and the volume decreases.

I’ve also tried to play around with the buffer size but nothing seams to happen :frowning:

You can also find the screenshot of my setting and PC stats:

Hi and welcome,

Make sure there is not any Compressor or Gate plug-in on the track. Did you use any template project?

Sounds like a “gate” of some sort is active. Check your inserts.

Thank you for answering,

Yes I’m using Clean e-guitar + Vocals template.

How can I disable these plug-ins?

Thank you for answering,

How can I disable it?

Sorry, it’s the first time I use Cubase or any recording software and need step by step instructions :slight_smile:

Never mind, I found it and now it’s working!!!

Thank you so much!!!

OK, found it.

It works great now!!! Thank you so much!!!