Volume envelope

Could someone tell me how many decibels corresponds to the highest point and the lowest point of the volume envelope possible with the pencil? See picture.


I believe the top is 0dB and the bottom is -infinity.

Like a fader that won’t go above 0dB. But those are relative to the clip itself. So for example if you select the Audio Event and raise its volume by +5dB then the 0dB from the Pencil would be relative to that new +5dB level.

You are right for the top at 0dB and the relative, but the bottom is not infinity, because in my example I am stuck at the bottom of the event image. That’s the problem here. We don’t have any indication on the scale, so the bottom is a mystery. This is unacceptable for a major Daw.

If I had 1 dollar for every time somebody says that about a DAW, apparently I would have well over a million dollars :rofl: https://www.google.com/search?q="unacceptable"+for+a+major+Daw

Raino, you were right about infinity. Sorry. I only put a point, you need a continuous segment to see clearly.

I try an analysis. (I’m translating from French, terms may vary.)

By the handle:
Here, at half vertical, it is -6dB


Here, completely at the bottom, it is -60dB. So the top half is 6 dB, the bottom half is 56 dB. In fact, this is somewhat the report of digital meters. Thank you Steinberg to specify all this it one day in your manual …


Here I am comparing: left at -6dB by the handle. On the right, selected, the envelope line in the vertical center, so logically at -6 dB. Same visual, and indeed the same volume.

And here, still with the envelope volume, we have infinity at the bottom.


So if you focus on the top half, you can have 6dB of space to change the volume envelope in detail to positive or negative. This involves increasing the event by 6dB by the handle and returning to the center at 0dB by the volume envelope. Then we can work.

It is amazing that this is not clearer in Cubase. Two things are to be done by Steinberg for the volume envelope to match Pro Tools (clip gain), Studio One, Reaper and Samplitude at this level. Place the 0dB in the vertical center and therefore allow an increase in volume (in addition to the reduction). Then program the indications in dB, either when the mouse is hovered, or by gradation, or permanently.

I’m more bothered that if you put a node in the middle somewhere, there’s no good way to tell what its value is. Granted the value is best determined by ear, but it would be nice to know the number too.

Yes, that is the principle of the meter. We can do without it, but we like it.