Volume guides for Nuendos next update

Id like to get a poll on who would agree on this idea I have for Nuendo.

During my editing process, i use my draw tool to lower the volume peaks on my waveforms.

What I would like to see is a horizontal guide that can be placed on any one of my tracks at a height (or level) of my choosing. This guide can be set a mid level peak and I could then manipulate my waveforms so they all peak at the same level wheteher im using the draw tool or slicing each side of a peaked waveform and sliding it down.

So basically this guide would need to be apart of the track, and not a part of the event, this way, volume peaks, regardless of how many events are on the track all can be set to the same level.

Adobe Photoshop has guides similar to this that can be drug out of the rulers.

Does anyone else here think that this would be a helpful addition to Nuendo?

Hmmmm, thinking…

How would this be different from inserting a compressor/limiter on the track?

Darren “I’m Hungry” Ingram

A lot of engineers, im not saying most, im not saying all, but a lot of engineers edit their individual tracks before adding anything in the vst chain.

This method, whether done by using the draw tool or slicing each side of the waveform and pulling it down is even shown in tutorials as a way to reduce volume spikes.

A compressor and a limiter can do this as well, either way you are altering the dynamics of the track. Some engineers such as myself may argue that a manual method can result in more precision and limit the amount of compression that you need to apply on the track therefore resulting in a more natural sound.

Im not here to argue methodology or which process is better, Im just trying to add an option to this platform that could assist myself and other engineers who may do this as well.

From my experience, I’m definitely not the only one who does this.

I like this idea. Sort of like normalization except you can draw a line as you are describing. non ADR Dialog tracks can have wild swings in volume so this would save a lot of time as I find myself cutting phrases and raising the volume of the clips. It sounds like N6 will have new tools so hope to see something new and exciting. :ugeek:

It has been my experience when tracking vocalists of all genres that they come in very strong at the beginning and taper off near the end. some of these volume peaks have far too much gain and need to be manipulated this also happens when words begin with certain consonants or in places where a word was meant to stressed or emphasized. Using the draw tool I am able to manually reduce this part of the waveform without noticeable damage to the dynamics of the track. I would however recommend exercising caution if utilizing this technique on any musical instrument track. Thanks for your feedback