Volume Increases For No Apparent Reason on Halion Sonic SE Drum Track

I am using Halion Sonic SE To Play back midi drums track.
I set my volume using the midi fader but if i rewind or forward the drum track.
The volume increases but the volume on the fader stays at the same level
I have CC11 at 127 and CC7 at 120 at the start of the midi track.
I have checked for other cc information in the track,their is none.
I am not using automation
Any ideas please

Anybody out there

Hi Gordi,
I tried what you are doing but could not reproduce the issue. I added lanes for CC 11 and CC 7 but did not get any problems. I know this is not helpfull but just checked for you if I could reproduce the problem. I use the Pro 12 with all updates (Including the Halion latest update).

Thanks, I’m thinking that maybe just render the midi to audio tracks and adjust volume using audio,just take the midi out of the equation