Volume is good but faders are low

Is there any way to calibrate the faders in Cubase 9.5 Pro, so they are riding higher. For example, I am mixing using the metering at K14 and have the kick levelled around 0 db, the bass around the same and gradually bring in the rest of the band, however the faders are well down around -18db which just makes me wanna turn them up but the volume goes into the red. Is there any way to change the ration so they are at least 50% higher with the corresponding volume?
I hope I explained myself clearly.

Thanks in advance.

Yes you explained clearly. No there is no way to adjust faders.

It would be nice if there was some way to do that. It might be helpful to add some more reference points to your Master Meter.

Other random thoughts, likely repeating things you already know: You can bring down the input levels from the instruments, reduce the channel gain on the Pre-Rack, perhaps reduce the Volume on the MIDI track or reduce the Velocity of the MIDI Parts a bit, use the Info Line to reduce the gain of audio clips. So many ways to skin the cat, you’ll find a workable way to get the right gain structure with Cubase. A lot of synth patches are very “bark-y” and loud.

Good question, good luck working it out.

Shame as Logic I believe has a control to switch faders from ‘exponential’ to ‘section all-linear’ and that raises the volume on the L.E.Ds to a higher level. It does not actually increase the volume, just the metering, to get a better signal to fader level.

This guy explains it well at around 6.55 onwards.

Thanks for your comments though, appreciate your input.

Like Stephen suggested, I’d try lowering the gain on the pre rack.