Volume issue with Apogee Quartet

I am using an Apogee Quartet with Cubase AI6 and a Motif XF8 - XLR into the quartet and then 1/4 inch out to powered mixer and speakers. Motif is also connected via USB to my MacBook Pro for Midi.

The issue is that the volume output through Cuabse is very low. With the Motif cranked and the Quartet cranked (to the point of buzzing) I can’t get the volume to match other midi and audio tracks within the project. I am sure that I don’t have the XF8 set up properly with the Quartet and Cubase.

I am trying to -

  1. Use the XF to voice existing midi files in Cubase.
  2. Use the XF voices to play live with tracks and record audio into Cubase.