Volume issues

Installed Dorico 3.5 for the first time. Switched from using Finale since the '97 version. So I expect a learning curve. However, I’m stumped here. It took a bit of trouble shooting to get any playback at all through managing the devices, but now that that is corrected the volume for the entire program is nearly inaudible ff is pretty soft no matter the instrumentation and ppp is downright silence. Switching over to any other program and my headphones nearly explode it’s so loud. Most of what I’ve read people have the issue of the program maxing out their systems volume control; I’m having the opposite problem. Being completely new to this platform I’m sure it’s right in front of me and I just don’t see it, so what is it that I’m missing?

Welcome to the forum.

Have you checked the mixer levels? F3. Also, what sound library are you using for playback?

Welcome to the forum, @trumpettate. Sorry to hear you’re having volume problems, but we should be able to get them all squared away. Are you on Windows or macOS? Are you using your computer’s built-in audio hardware, or are you using an external audio device of some kind?