Volume Levelling Like Pro Tools' Smart Tool

Hi guys

I’m trying to adjust the volume peaks within audio regions in Cubase 7.5, but I want something simple that doesn’t take too much effort and time. I did a Pro Tools 101 exam about three years ago and I remember using the smart tool which allowed you to make a horizontal selection and bring the volume down just on that selection within a single audio region. However, I’ve never managed to find a way to replicate this in Cubase.

The problem I find with automation is when automation is applied to a track, when you want to later turn the volume up or down you either have to select all the automation points or use automation on a gain control and change the fader on the track itself not the gain plugin. Could some please explain how they ‘level out’ there vocals?

Many thanks


You need some custom actions for that.


Unfortunately I have no idea how to do this in detail, its not working fr me and noone seems to be willing to help out. So yeah, gotta dabble around with this for a while. :confused:

In the Project Window cut an Audio Part before & after the section you want to adjust the volume. Then hover over the top edge of this new part and drag the little square handle down (or up) to adjust the volume. Alternatively you could select the part and adjust its volume on the info line.

Working with audio part gains is a possible workaround but very dirty. You end up with many, many cut small little parts that you would have to group to edit them as “one” again.

Also gradual volume changes are not possible this way. The “PT Way” you could lower the volume of a part, then grab the point at the end of it and raise it to gradually increase volume.

Good suggestion nontheless. :slight_smile:

Yeah, that would be useful. It’s true you do end up with a bunch of small parts. I typically end up with a huge amount because I often use this method to tame plosives & sibilance rather than using a de-esser - takes longer but I like the results better. If by “edit them as one” you mean adjusting the volume of them all at once you only need to select multiple parts and drag or change the info line and they will adjust relative to each other. If by edit you mean actually editing the waveform, then you don’t need to group them since editing any part will open the underlying audio file which is the same for all the related audio parts.