volume meters for each track in montage


In montage, I’d like to be able to see the volume meters for each individual track. And I’d like to be able to see them all at the same time to compare the volumes for each track. I can’t figure how how to display that. If someone knows, please let me know.


Do you mean you want more detailed metering per track than what is already there in the track headers?


No - I don’t have any metering per track in the track headers. That is what I would like to see. Any ideas on how to display that?


Can you post a screen shot of what you’re seeing now?

I’ve attached a screenshot.

The track headers section is resizeable. Try making the size wider by dragging the sizing widget to the right to reveal the track meters. It might be this… although it looks like the meters are visible in your screenshot. If that is the case then I don’t know why you are not seeing meter activity there :confused: Do you get the same result if you use a different driver to ASIO4ALL?

Yeah, the track header is resizable but it looks like you’ve got enough real estate there that you should see the meters.

There was another report recently where only one track meter was working although that’s not the case on my system. If you scroll up or down, is there at least one track meter that’s working?

Thanks for the suggestions. I resized the track headers section. I now see a volume meter in blue on the very right-hand side. Any idea if it is possible to see the volume meter in stereo?

Thanks again.