volume problem in Cubase


I have a big difference in sound between all applications apart from cubase and cubase.
Let me explain, on my sound card, when I watch a video on youtube, the volume is 4/10 and it is already loud.

In cubase, I have to go up to 7/10 to have the same sound volume.
And it’s even more obvious with the headphone output …

I use cubase for several versions and I have always had this problem with this sound card.
I have to miss something :smiley:

Do you have an idea?

My soundcard : steinberg ur28m.

Thx, Max


This is art of mixing and mastering.

When you listen some other sources, the sound is probably mixed and mastered properly. Even YouTube process the signal and add some compressor as far as I have heard.

So if you would mix your projects properly, you would get to the same level at the end.