Volume sliders can't slide

My volume sliders stopped sliding, I can’t even type a custom volume amount. I can move the slider with a huge step pressing on each side, but not sliding… Latest update… Windows 11. Ithought it’s my 4K monitor, moved it to 2K, not working either.

Could it be possible that you enabled automation?

More information about your system could help to narrow the problem.

Thank you for your reply. Sadly it does that on a blank project too, same for the pan sliders, if it was the automation you would still be able to move them but they would come back. It’s like they are stuck. My system, HP Omen, 64 RAM, latest builds of Win 11, latest Cubase 12, Steinberg U22.Up until yesterday it was fine, I thought it’s the monitor as it’s 4K but moved to the laptop’s one the result is the same. I have recently updated the U22 drivers…


Do I understand you right, you are moving the GUI control? No Remote Device?

Could you try to start Cubase in the Safe Start Mode and Disable the Preferences, please?