Volume swallowed in exported WAV file

hello guys,
i’ve noticed a problem in my project after exporting him to a WAV file,
in cubase i can hear the project inside Cubase without any problem or changes,
but when im exporting the project to WAV file i noticed there is an fading volume at 1 specific point start over each time after Exporting.
its sound like the volume of 1 specific sound at the same point everytime is fading or disappearse while im playing the WAV file, but if im listening to the track from cubase nothing is missing…
i hope someone will understand my issue ,


Where do you listen the file? Are they the same speakers? Which player do you use?

What happens, if you load the exported WAV file back to Cubase?

Hey Martin,
I have listened the file with my Sennheisers Headphones. Through my PC, my iPhone, .Friend’s Studio Monitors
In all of them i can hear the problem at the same point.
In my PC im using Windows Media Player.

I didnt tried to load the Exported file to Cubase, but i guess it will be the same cause from what i understand the it happens in the process of the export.

And no, there is no Volume automation or something like that at the same point inside the project itself, in the project when im Playing the track it is totally fine…

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Try to import it to Cubase (in the best case the same project), Solo it and play it back. How does it sound?

Sorry i didn’t understand what you mean… can you explain more?