Volume via info-line unavailable on muted event in 8.5

I can’t adjust the volume of audio files via the info-line when some parts of the track are muted?
It’s a simple Cubase 6.x.x project, running in Cubase 8.5 now. Everything else works fine (at the moment) :wink:

It’s the same as here:
[R-7857]Volume unavailable on muted event


The easy question would be:
What file should I put from Cubase preference folder to trash?



I would say it’s correct you cannot set it (in general). To be honest, I’m surprised, you can for example Transpose it.

And, you should be able to change the Volume via the hot-spot of the event (square at middle on top of the event).

I don’t agree. Pretty sure in previous versions you could change the volume of muted events. I can’t see any benefit in not being able to do this? Seems like something that might be described as a bug?


Sorry, I can’t see any benefit to change anything on the Mutes events. It’s just a different point of view. :wink:

Could be:
a) A bug, or…
b) Change of specification. :wink:

Yep, please put this back!

It is annoying, for example, if you’re doing some comping so a few takes are muted, then you can’t adjust the whole set of events anymore, say to level it up with a previous comped take. In this case its definitely important to be able to adjust the whole set of takes together even if some are muted to keep them all the same.

That’s why I’d say it needs to be changed back, and that’s how I noticed.

IMO it makes no sense to prohibit these settings for muted events, after all I can lock things if I want them to be unchangeable. And just being muted only means it’s on standby to be unmuted really, not the same as locked.


Actually you can adjust the volume on a set of selected parts, as long as one of them is not muted. I don’t personally see any point in adjusting volume on something that is muted, but I’m not against it either.

Use Case:

If you have a group of choices i.e takes, say options for different guitar licks, obviously some will be muted. Then it becomes valuable to change the settings of the whole group together, e.g. when fitting it into the mix, or or just simply levelling up the whole set to be the same as the other guitar tracks. Then you can then decide later which take to use and they’re all at the same level.


But then you would select them all, and unless all are muted there should be no problem adjusting the level from the info-line, I just tried.
And that’s why I was unaware of this even happening. Again I would not mind that changing, unless there is a deeper meaning behind the way muted parts are handled. Definitely good to know.

If you select a group of clips and just one single one is muted then the volume is greyed out and you can’t change any of them!


ok then we are talking about different things i guess, if i select more than one part the info-line text turns orange, and i can change everything in the info-line, even parts that are muted. If all parts I select are muted then Fade-In, Fade-out, Volume and Fine-tune are greyed out.
I must have misunderstood something, please enlighten me before I confuse matters even more :slight_smile:

So, in the end it’s a bug!

please Steinberg,…confirm and fix.
Thank you

Why? As I wrote, it could be specification change. There are other fields, which are greyed out.

Thanks for understanding,

peakae - after all that, I checked again and you’re right, apologies! Weird because I checked this afternoon and I could have sworn it was disabling the volume when one part was muted… But, as you say, they go orange and you can then adjust the muted part(s) as well.

Still, IMO we should be able to adjust a single muted part as well.


I’d definitely see this as a bug because the behaviour is inconsistent depending on where your audio parts are positioned on the timeline. If a muted clip is first and and a non muted comes afterwards, then you will not be able to select them both and adjust the volume. If the non muted clip is first, then you can select and adjust with no problem. How can this be a design choice?

Ahh ok, that’s why we are seeing different results.
That can not be by design, agree.
Now at least we have some documentation on the issue, and some way to work around until it gets fixed.

Hey, well spotted, I confirm this!!

I thought I was going bonkers, but I’ve just tested it out and you’re quite right J-S-Q. I will bear this in mind when comping and editing things!!


Please confirm this as a Bug
This is insane !!!

Thank you,

It’s the same in Cubase 8.5.1


This has to be fixed.


Here’s a copy from the link above (my first mail on this topic)

So, let’s sum up:

  • when an event is muted, it’s volume can’t be changed in the infoline
  • in a track, infoline volume can generally be changed for multiple selected events, muted or not, except when first selected event is a muted one.