Volume vs Fader Plugin - Automation - Cubase 12 (confused)

Hi all, please excuse me if this turns out to be a stupid question, but I’m confused (see titie).
I just started using the automation feature of a Waves Vocal Rider plugin . I had no problem getting it to write the automation to the track . However, Vocal Rider creates its own automation (track), that needs itself to read and initiate the automation! And the Cubase Volume automation (track?) is unaffected, the Cubase Fader is idle . I’d have thought the Vocal (fader) Rider would have written to / or interfaced with the Cubase Volume automation track, as that’s what using the Cubase Fader for automation does , It would be preferable to defeat the plugin once the automation for the Fader/Volume was written (thus sparing CPU overhead for the plugin) . So my question is; Am I missing something here? Cubase Volume vs Waves Fader plugin automation tracks and concept? Where I think they should be interlaced, as it turns out they appear to be separate and unrelated functions? If anyone has had experience with this and the irony I’m experiencing, please share! The only explanation I can surmise is that the Vocal Rider is dealing with pre fader Gain . but I can’t find any docs on that. anyway, thanks if your brain is churning a bit .

I don’t have vocal rider anymore but I’m sure the way you described is exactly how it works. It automated it’s on just automating its own output without changing the DAWs fader.

I think tiger because when I use channel strip emulation VSTs, they have they’r their own fader which also doesn’t affect the DAWs fader.

It does give you more control because you can further tweak the cubase fader.

Cubase has pre/post fader insert slots as well, soo in regard to whether the plugin is acting post/pre fader, from what I understand, would depend on where you’ve placed the plugin (pre or post).

I think You could try editing the automation data that vocal rider created so that its being read by the cubase volume fader instead of the vocal rider but I’m not sure how that would sound