Vote for Dorico in the KVR Audio Readers' Choice Awards 2023

We were delighted to win the KVR Audio Reader’ Choice Award for Best Notation Software in 2022, and we’d be just as delighted to win it again in 2023! If you’d like to vote, you can head over here to do so:


Of corse! Done! In several categories.

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Done! I found perusing the list of winners from 2022 sort of interesting too. Some of those I use all the time like FabFilter Pro-Q and iZotope RX, but there were definitely a few that I had never heard of that I’ll have to check out.



:+1: :bangbang:

Done (voted for Dorico and Steinberg in several categories)!

Happily done, Daniel. :+1:

My pleasure!

Done !! BTW to Notation Central / Scoring Express, I would have liked to vote for you in the utility category and I understand there is still time for you to register your product and we can update our votes if we wish.


I thought voting started in October :wink:
Or is there reason to believe that Dorico won’t make the shortlist?

done :+1:

Ah, then I guess I misread! Apologies, and thanks for setting me straight, @P.A.T.

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Done !!

… and the winner in “Favorite Notation Software” category is…

Dorico! :partying_face:

Moreover, Steinberg won 1st place for Cubase as “Favorite DAW”, 2nd place for SpectraLayers as “Favorite Audio Editor”, and 2nd place for WaveLab as “Favorite Mastering Software”.

Best Audio and MIDI Software - 2023 KVR Readers’ Choice Awards Winners Announced (



If anyone is up for some more poll-skewin’, Dorico is a finalist in the NAMM TEC awards for Outstanding Audio Achievement in the “Audio Education Technology” category.

Vote here.

(If Neumann wants to bribe me with a free M49V in exchange for voting for it, I’m certainly bribable, LOL)

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