Vote for your most important audio export missing features

I see.
I renamed “Disable one or multiple jobs in the queue (only exports the other jobs)” to “Check to enable/disable individual jobs) to only reexport a part of the overall queue (e.g.: update or export issue with one of the tracks)” so that you can vote for it.

Great.! What I was hinting at in my post above (on the back of @Vinylizor’s post too.!).

Also, what happened about the options you mentioned here:- - they would be good to select per job too

[EDIT - oh, maybe its the 10 item limit… How about another poll thread - Audio Export missing features Pt 2…!? :smiley: :mrgreen: :ugeek: ]

The new forum now allows for more than 10 options but editing my original post is now disabled :frowning:

The discourse doc says I cannot edit the poll. Now that I think that I collected most if not all the requests on the audio export, I wonder if I should create a new thread & poll with all of them. Thoughts?

You are missing the option to export a file per event on a track based on the event name. That’s the single feature I need most.

Since there so far seems to be at least 21 options in the second poll, maybe we should be able to put up to 5 votes in the next one. From 3/10 to 5/21 then.

It won’t increase your chances to get your top feature visible. It only forces us not to choose :slight_smile:
So you’d be for a new poll I assume?

+1 I believe reaper has this feature. It would be very useful if we had it in cubase as well.

Wonder why only 3 votes registered to support this thread so far…

Can only hope SB have it all digested - some really great, useful stuff in here.

One feature I miss coming from Logic is “Include Audio Tail” which would print tracks beyond the selected range so that decays of instruments or reverbs would not get cut off. Otherwise I voted on what was given in this list.