Vote for your most important audio export missing features

Your most important audio export features

  • Naming scheme: new options for start/end timecode and also the export type (“CSP”, etc.)
  • Status report when one of the exported tracks clipped to 0 dB
  • Option to apply the key signal on side chained plugins when exporting a non-DRY track.
  • Bypass specific plugin inserts across all tracks (e.g.: all Echoboy / H-delay / etc.)
  • Export a mixdown for selected tracks or folder
  • Checkboxes to enable/disable individual jobs) to only reexport a part of the overall queue (e.g.: update or export issue with one of the tracks)
  • Enable “after export” action on a job.
  • Bug: update vertical track order in export window according to changes in project window. Currently requires closing/reopening the project.
  • Include Video in the export job queue
  • Option to skip (or delete post export) silent tracks

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I collected all the requests from previous posts and added a few from myself. 3 votes each to raise attention to the Steinberg team about the most important improvements needed. If you have additional ideas, please add below.

Note: the side chain key signal ask could also be an option for the solo behavior in the mix console.

Dec. 2nd 2020 update
Other asks from this thread (but poll feature is limited to 10)

  1. Checkboxes to select effects scope ([ ]volume (gain, fader, pan) [ ] Channel Strip [ ] Inserts [ ] Sends [ ] Post fader signal path [ ] with master effects)
  2. Pause / resume batch export
  3. Cancel job must not delete files already exported
  4. Skip current item in the queue
  5. Cross project (multi .cpr) export
  6. Job queue presets to only reexport a set of jobs (similar to tickboxes but less cumbersome if this is about a set of jobs)
  7. Add “arranger chain” alongside locators & cycle markers options
  8. Add mixdown to project as “quality control track” (disabled/muted to avoid it being exported the next time)
  9. Display file export preset name when selection matches one of the presets
  10. MP3 ID3 tag saved as part of the batch export/project

BUG: flakey file format presets that sometimes don’t load after selection (I haven’t encountered this one though)
BUG: channel number sometimes has 1 sometimes 2 leading zeroes for no apparent reason (i.e.: no duplicate file names)

I’ll add the top one(s) to replace clear low scoring ones in the poll.

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Just a small point re side chains: this might sound pedantic but I think they can sound a little bit niche when they’re described as ‘important for bass vs kicks’, or just for making pumping synth pads, which I see often. If it was only that, it wouldn’t be so important, and the issue would be easier to circumvent. I employ them in every production, in a range of styles and for various reasons - I could be using several instances of a dynamic EQ to, for example, create some space for a piano melody to cut through against a guitar in a similar range; I might have a stereo bus compressor which needs to be triggered by the whole mix during grouped stem exports so that they will combine back together accurately. They’re really fundamental to the way a lot of people work.

Anyway, a minor point - thanks for organising the poll; I’ve voted!

*** Option to choose “Arranger Chain” for export** :bulb:

(Without the need to flattening the project first, or any clunky workaround with manually calculating Locator positions).

So you would then be able to choose between:

To be really good, there should be Tail size options added to the Arranger Track events (so the events are not abrupt cutoff).
The Export would then of course also include those tails.

Another one:

*** Save MP3 ID3 tag with the Project file.**

Currently it’s still saved Globally!

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Oh, and so they don’t get lost, I wanted to add:-

  • a vote for including the Post Processing (‘Enable after export’) action on a job
  • a vote for including the Video in the export job (but we have to get more options here - resolution/frame size/format/codec etc…!)

AND - they should bring back the ability to ‘TAB’ around the dialog box.!

I have a different long-standing request: A cross-project Export Window—as in Adobe Creative Suite.

What would -really- help me would be to have a floating/global window with a queue that could store jobs from MULTIPLE CPRS. My workflow for one day might be to work on 3-4 CPRS. I would hit ‘Export to Queue’ and then go onto the next CPR. And then… when I break for lunch… Cubase would auto-magically process all the jobs in the queue… across multiple CPRs.

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Voted especially for sidechain option.
Also adding video export would be nice, but didn’t vote for that, since video export is not usable for me yet. :slight_smile:

It would be cool to be able to export different mix snapshots.

I also have a most-wanted feature not on the list: an imported quality control track for listening to the export. Such a track could only be heard solo-ed. There could only be one existing at any one time. It wouldn’t get saved, and it would be removed before any subsequent export. You could not accidentally include it in a mix in any way. It would be output directly to the output ports, bypassing any master bus plug-ins. You basically just want to determine quickly and with minimum effort if the export was clean or if you need to tweak something and have another go. But you’d want it positioned in the project aligned with the original audio to make problem resolution efficient.

I’m not sure this vote is much use to anyone… it NEEDS most of these issues addressing.
I’ve used the new export extensively this last week on a big project, and my conclusion is that its currently very much work in progress - or another missed opportunity if its left to stagnate without further development…
As it is, its missing so many necessary options that its really not much better than it was before - I may now be able to queue up a few jobs, but I’ve still got to sit and manually do many others.
The need to incorporate extra groups, direct outs and cycle markers into the project, and then queue up your exports correctly (its not the most intuitive and informative of processes) means it requires a fair bit of method and forethought to set up. To then find you can’t get many essential necessary formats because its too simplistic leaves me a bit underwhelmed with the whole thing.

And I’ll be pretty unhappy if they’ve left these out as they’re features for the Nuendo update…

Firstly, agree with all that @Vinylizor says above…

Right now though, having set up a nice selection of jobs in a project, biggest gripe is lack of a ‘pause/skip job’ button in the job queue, leaving everything else intact… So I could, say, update a couple of specific jobs and just run those again.

Little things…

One thing not on the list is a feature checkbox that if checked - ‘after export create new project & import’ type feature.

I think most of us would appreciate an easy way to create a temporary project without fuss where you can easily check backthe exported tracks.

Hey everyone, thanks for participating and sorry for the prior feedback that I missed (Vinylizor).
The poll feature being limited to 10 results, I don’t know how to add the other stuff. Maybe dropping the least voted items and replacing them with new requests? Any suggestions welcome.

After export => create new project doesn’t work for you?

Removed the mention of the bass side chain. I agree with you but was concerned that my description of the behavior would not be understood.

I thought I captured 1) Stems with “Export a mixdown for selected tracks or folder”. This would also work for alternate mixes as requested by rickpaul.
I added 2 and 3 inline my first post.
I don’t get what you’d like to see for 4) Job Queue editing being simplistic. Could you expand?

The queue is saved with the project - its designed to be remembered so you that you can build up a list of all edits / mixes / stems that are needed with the project.

But, you can only delete a job or update it. You can’t edit anything, and you can’t just run bits of it.

If there’s an error in one of the edits or stems in a job queue, you can’t just re-bounce the offending one - you have to do them all! So you’re forced to delete everything, create a new job to fix the one error, delete that when its done, and then re-create all the original jobs that are needed for this session - just plain dumb!

In practice it really couldn’t be more un user friendly…