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Do you guys level your vocal tracks with 1) Split/Clip Gain, 2) Key frames or 3) Range Tool? how do you decide which to use when?

For both music projects and post projects I use most of the time the range tool in order to split an event and to change its volume.
In my workflow it’s not a matter of “decision”, its more a routine/ habit…

what do you mean with “Key Frames” in conjunction with “Clip Gain”?

Niek/ Amsterdam

I use motorized faders, because that is how I learned on Martinsound Flying Faders on a Neve console, and it feels and sounds better to me.

When I first get to mixing a song, if an entire section is too loud or soft, I might make a copy of the audio, and level it up or down with processing. Once every section sits well, the faders come into play.

When mixing a song with vocals, it is always important to have them playing back all the time, no matter what you are working on.

Try the pencil tool, works really great.

The little dots you put on the automation write lines. They called them key frames on all of the Black Magic Design Video editing tutorials. Are we calling them something else in Audio?

I think the manual calls “key frames” “automation events”. “Breakpoints” in Pro Tools, if memory serves me.

You’re absolutely right! It IS very fast, maybe the fastest way to do at least the rough edit! I don’t know why I was so intimidated by it before. :unamused: But I think I’ll start using it more now. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the explanation.
I’ll have to rephrase my answer now:
Most of the time I use the range tool in order to split an event and to bring its volume to a certain standard, then I use my controller to ride the faders to make them fit in the mix…

Niek/ Amsterdam