Voxengo curve eq has caused the following error..

Hi guys,

I keep getting this error message which has locked me out of the track I was working on

Voxengo curve eq has caused the following error:

eLicense contains no valid license for this application.

I have to force close Cubase 8.

I am using Cubase Artist 8. i didnt even think that Curve eq needed License Key. In the box, there are license no. for other products, but not this.

Im finding it really frustrating. I hope My track is not lost…

Please help

Voxengo Curve is not included in Artist. Perhaps you installed a “Pro” trial and it is still leftover?
If so, make sure you uninstall all the trial content.

Hi guys,

I had exactly the same error with Artist 8.5; I definitely did not have a trial version, I installed it straight from disc and my previous version was SX3, so there’s no way I could have inadvertably installed it

I also had to force quirk from task manager and lost my work.

I’ll remove the plugin, any idea how this could have happened?

Kind regards,

George Wood

Hi guys, even I am facing the same issue.

If I open a new project, everything seems to be good. If I try to open a existing project which has this plugin, then this pop up comes and kills me. I have spent couple of days in that project. Please some one help me on this ??

Reason why it came for me:

I purchased cubase 9 artist along with which cubase 9 pro trial version was provided.
When I was in the trial period of C9 Pro, I did all my recordings using this plugin inside my C9 artist (which is not a trial). When I tried to open my C9 artist project after the C9 Pro trial period, this issue had occurred.

I want my project back please some one help…

I even tried updating my e-licensor. Nothing works.

Is there any way to remove that Voxengo plugin usage from the .cpr file ???

Suggestions are appreciated