Voxengo Curve Eq - still in demo mode

Hey there,

I probably had a Voxengo Curve EQ demo running when I upgraded to 8 Pro - maybe even when I installed 7.5 Artist in the first place.

But Curve Eq is still running in demo mode. The most obvious thing is, that the PluginManager shows only version 3.5 (the Cubase version) but when inserting the (one and only available) Curve Eq plugin, it says “Version 3.3” - the Voxengo demo one - and it says “Demo”!

I already updated the e-licenser and let it run the updating procedure - to no avail. I also moved the vst2 plugin from the vst2 folder - to no avail.

Since I couldn’t find any thread with a solution, I contacted Steinberg Support (no answer yet) - but I also wanted to ask you guys, if somebody had similar issues and maybe could help out directly.

I could uninstall Curve Eq from Windows Control Panel. But I am not sure, if starting the 8 Pro update afterwards would reinstall Cuve Eq or would do anything at all - since CP8 is already installed.


The vst3 version with Cubase 8 is installed by default at Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 8\VST3

I would imagine you can just uninstall the one you have from Ctrl Panel as the Cubase one has no entry in the program uninstall list.

Alternatively you could search CurveEQ.vst3 and delete the one NOT at the path above…when Cubase rescans plugs on startup it will add the correct one instead.

Perfect! It worked! Thanks!