Voxengo GUI ugly

Everytime I get a newsletter from Vogengo with a new screenshot I have that same feeling. I believe it to be good software but it looks so ugly. A bit cartoonisch, childisch I don’t know.
Maybe they are afraid to revisit the looks because of good bussines?
I for one will never buy a Voxengo product because of the looks (I know, stupid)

What do others think of this?

Greetz Dylan.

yep, I’m with you on this one! And I also know it’s stupid. :blush: Maybe I won’t go as far as saying I’d never buy something from them but the looks of it plays a role. It looks 1997 and the color schemes are kinda brutal? At the same time they have a solid reputation for their products and that’s been the case since … 1997 haha? :mrgreen:
Maybe I’ll buy something just to be stuborn? :stuck_out_tongue:

There is this marketingstrategy to make things look cheep to attract lowbudget people. Mostly using bright colors like Blue and yellow with big fonts. And that bothers me a bit, Voxengo looks cheap but is in fact hi-end. Strange strategy.

Aleksey, the developer, I think is quite stubborn about this. I seem to remember someone suggesting directly to him that the UI is not particularly attractive. As I remember it, he was not willing to change it but later did give more colour options of which the blue is the only bearable one :wink: .

Very good plugs though, I use some.


I agree that the look of the plugs is pretty cheesy but as others have said ,the ones I’ve used do work well. In the past ,I’ve been put off by the developers attitude in the old forum as he would always announce his products but then have this combative attitude with Steiny. Especially when it came to adopting anything new like VST3

This still wouldn’t stop me from buying a product if one was on sale

I’m the exception that confirms the rule apparently.

I find nothing ugly or childish with the Voxengo GUI
The ‘red on grey’ skin is easy on the eyes.


I have to say that my mind operates a bit like Dylan and Ulf on this. I seem to recall quite a few plugins that I eventually elected against (absolutely not Voxengo in particular) buying because of the UI presentation.

Of course I am equally biased when it comes to VST3 & x64 (which some will call stupid, as well, but that’s me and I am paying money for plugins too). :slight_smile:

It’s not just that they’re ugly. They’re poorly designed from a less-is more aesthetic. Sometimes too many knobs is not a good thing when you’re trying to find a sound. Also, the parameters are often poorly labelled. I’m a musician, not a rocket scientest.

I exaggerate a bit, but some of you will see my point.

They definitely have a distinctive look, but I like how consistent they are.

I definitely prefer using them over many of the bundled Cubase effects, in terms of not just aesthetics but ease of use.

Different strokes.

If you take one of theJPG screenshots of the GUIs from their site and color adjust it you see the colors are SATURATED. And the color schemes are pointing in all directions making it look like candy. So to translate that to audioeese it’s like mixing a pop song like it was a metal song and then through some maximizer in order to prepare it for the loudness war …

They also kind of suffer from skeuomorphism(a word I learned yesterday and can’t wait to apply to something so here we go :smiley: ) meaning the designs go to far when mimicking the real world counterpart on a screen. We don’t need all that in 2012 to understand what to do with the knobs and buttons. The GUIs are also to small to cram all those buttons into.


It’s just the GUIs!!! I downloaded their free package long time ago, noted that it worked and sort of forgot about it. BOOOH! Maybe it’s updated and I can try again to hear what’s in there :sunglasses:

I’m in the camp that thinks the GUI’s suck major balls. The controls are a rubik’s cube. But I’ve used GlissEQ and HarmoniEQ for quite some time. r8brain is a best in class rate converter. I don’t use the compressors though, as I have UAD for that. In general, he made really high quality plugs very early on. And, if it works …

You’re basically robbing yourself of good plugs for a reasonable price and reinforcing the proliferation of fancy GUI plugs that suck.

Yes, we are certainly “victims” of long term commercial indoctrination. Companies spend fortunes on making things appear all nice and pleasant. Though, when it eventually comes down to it, they are often made by someone else that also sell the same items for half (I am thinking Sony, as an example, but they are only one of many).

Some of the better plugins are made by companies/people who do not care much for the GUI. There are even a number of free ones that are of excellent sound quality.