VSL Bosendorfer upright "stutters" in Dorico Elements 3.1 Playback


I have a score with voice & piano in Dorico 3.1 Elements.
The voice is assigned to a soprano from EW’s Voices of the opera.
The piano (VST2) is assigned to VLS’s Bosendorfer upright.
Once in while, on playback, there is stuttering, silence, clicks, pops and Dorico’s green playback marker goes back & forth.
I tried VSL’s Preload Size parameter (the name suggests to me a read ahead cache) and increased it from a 3072 defaul,t to 8192.
It got a little better, I think, but not by much.

And ideas on what is going on?

Thank you,


You could try increasing the buffer size in Edit > Device Setup to give your system a bit more time to process the audio.

Thank you, Daniel! That did it!

I’ve never given much thought to VSL. Frankly, never thought I needed it but a Bösendorfer upright? That caught my attention as one sits in a house outside of Munich where I have stayed over the years. Such a lovely piano and nothing else sounds like it. I may just have to dip my toe into VSL and get this.

Not all pianos are Imperial Grands, Ds and C7s so I seek out some of the less sampled varieties. I’d love to find a good library featuring the Bösendorfer 225, 200 and Steinway A (preferably the one sitting in Nashville Studio B that Floyd Cramer played).

Hmmm… perhaps I’ll sample my Bösendorfer 200 after the action’s rebuilt… yea, in my spare time… Ha!