VSL Brass crescendo playback

Crescendo (and dim.) seems to have no effect on playback of VSL Brass. I am working with an imported cubase expression map “VSL Low Woodwings + Brass”. In the dynamics section of the Expression Maps dialog I have chosen for dynamics CC 11. With “VSL High Woodwinds and Brass” everything works well.

And is CC11 the correct dynamics controller for those particular VSL patches?

You could try using the „secondary” option to drive both 1 and 11, maybe one cancels the other out in the library?

Vienna Instruments uses CC2 by default (nobody knows why, afaict). Don’t know about Synchron.

CC 11 is the correct controller. If I insert a downward CC-11-line into the playback-controller-editor the playback correctly performs a decrescendo. The problem seems to be connected with the “reading” by dorico of the hairpin.
If I use the expression-map “VSL High Woodwinds + Brass” the decrescendo is performed as it should be. But of course the other articulations are not played back as they should.

You need to take a closer look at the way the dynamics controls are set up bbetween the two expression maps you’ve been experimenting with.

I have solved the problem. I have seen that the dynamic controls are not valid for a whole expression map but one has to set it for each technique individually.
Thank you for your contributions!