VSL MIR-Pro with Cubase 7 ?


Anyone using VSL MIR-Pro (multi-impulse response) Plug-in, with Cubase 7 ?

I would be interested in knowing how many Instruments (each having its unique stereo output) you are able to have loaded on the MIR-Pro stage simultaneously, without encountering CPU-Overloads / Pops & Clicks. and what are your buffer settings for both your ASIO device and MIR-Pro ?

I’m having a hard time loading more than 14 MIR-Pro instances in Cubase 7 (14 stereo outputs, one stereo output for each of the 14 instruments loaded in MIR Pro), @ ASIO buffer of 256, and MIR-Pro buffer at 1024. I don’t like working at higher buffers than 256 in Cubase. So, I’m trying to figure out if I can improve my overall performance with MIR-Pro (i.e load more instruments into MIR-Pro without CPU overloads).

My Audio Interface is (RME UFX), my PC Processors is an Intel i7 X990, running at 3.47 Ghz, 24 GB RAM.

Any feedback on this would be appreciated.


The true question is: why don’t you like working with high ASIO buffers? That’s what they’re made for…

Low asio buffer = Low latency for recording
High ASIO buffer = High latency, but not power for mixing/mastering

Constricting yourself to buffersize 256 is constricting your workflow… I would NOT recommend that and I’m curious why you want that, tbh :slight_smile:


Are you using MIR-Pro ?