VSL Percussion L / R Samples: Same or Different

I’ve posted this in the VSL forum here:


But since it can sometimes take days to get an answer there, if anyone here can answer it please feel free to chime in.

There are a number of VSL percussion instruments that have alternative Left / Right key assignments, presumably in order to facilitate keyboard playing.

Should I assume that Left and Right sample sets are the same samples, or are they different?

I ask because I am setting up percussion maps in Dorico, and I don’t want to needlessly duplicate entries if the samples are the same. I only use the keyboard for note entry, not playing into a DAW.

I know the EastWest L/R samples sound different enough that I created the extra playing techniques and mapped them in the percussion map for the snares. It’s a bit cumbersome to select and move the selections to RH/LH but well worth it from.a playback perspective.

Just got the answer from Andreas at VSL:

It doesn’t matter - both keys trigger the same sequence of round robins so that you always get the full array of samples, regardless of playing both, just one, or alternating.