VSL Pro and 32 BIt and 64 bit machines

Hey guys , I am re-locating my studio and will be making a few changes, my OLD system was all 32 bit windows XP SP3 and had a Master machine with 3 slave machines all rigged with FX Teleport. I loved the fact that I could have all the drum software on one machine using it’;s RAM and have all of the Spectrasonics stuff on another and finally all of the Kontakt stuff on another etc… the system worked flawlessly … but since i am moving and most software is 64 bit now I am going to take the plunge and get Cubase 7 , this way I can get some software that I have been dying to get like SSD / Re-Voice Pro and a few others that I can not use. So I have made the decision , my question is this .
Is anyone using Cubase 7/Win 7/64 with VSL pro 64 , with the slave machines being 32 bit ?? and is that possible
I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone could give me . I start the build in a week and am dam excited to build my dream studio .

Is it possible VSL is actually VEP in your question ? (vienna ensemble pro (5))
If so: i think the answer is that it works fine. Very well in fact…
You can use both the 32 and 64 bit servers together.
They use their own seperate (32/64) vstinstruments to connect in cubase.
There are very few limits with such a setup.
But with 3 slaves you might want to be sure that your networking capabilities are sufficient.

But reading you’re going from XP age hardware to W7/8 multicore + ssd style hardware, you will probably be very happy soon. :slight_smile:
The difference is quite huge.

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Thanks for replying , so I am planning to make a new Master 4 bit Win 7 etc machine with a fresh copy of Cubase 7 , I would like to imnport the old cubase 5 32 bit projects in to Cubase 7 64 and open old 32 bit fxteleport vst’s with VEP , do you think that will work

If the question is if the old C5 projects with FXteleport connected slaves (hosting vst’s) will be loaded/converted into VEP instances, i actually do not know (but it does not seem logical since it is different software), but i can say that VSL has a very friendly forum where they respond quickly. Put that specific compabilityquestion on their forum.


Why shouldn’t you stay with teleport in such a case ?


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Hi. fx Teleport is no longer made and has no 64 bit software. Boy it was easy to use

So the second link in my previous post from fx-max is actually down ?

When your slaves are still those 32 bit machines, i see no direct reason to change to VEP since 32 bit plugs are also hosted with a 32 bit server on vep, even when you host them locally on the main machine… but indeed VEP delivers a 32 bit server and a 64 bit server that works seperately. I love the way the program works and it is very efficient on resources.

Hopefully someone with a likewise experience will jump in on this topic and can give you a little more on the conversion side for your old projects, but i think it is a good idea to try the Vienna forum out since changing things like you are doing is quite a big change technically if you want to preserve all your old stuff.