VSL support through Expression maps status?

The last time I looked at Dorico in v 1.0.2., the playback of VSL articulations using Cubase Expression Maps (Special Edition and Solo strings are what interests) was patchy at best with only about half of them working. I’m wondering what the state of play is now after the impressive looking 1.1?

The repertoire of playing techniques that Dorico can play has not been increased dramatically since Dorico 1.0.20. The next big area of work in playback is most likely going to be an enriching of the handling of playing techniques, including properly sorting out priority, mutual exclusion, and so on. Hopefully we will make some further progress in this area in the next big update, all being well.

Thanks for the update, Daniel. I guess when that’s in place I’ll be able to consider the transition from Sibelius. I’d love to see NotePeformer support as well but I realise that’s as much as anything in the hands of Arne Wallander.