VSL vienna ensemble multi outputs and dorico


Quick question. Is there a known issue with Dorico endpoint configuration accessing more than one midi port per usage AND it appearing in the mixer ?

I ask because all the first 16 outputs arrive back fine and can utilise the splendid new stage feature, however anything on port 2 can’t.

Is this me ?



There’s been some previous discussion of this here on the forum – I seem to recall @FredGUnn having a similar problem, and perhaps he can remember the details and maybe even point us to the original discussion.

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Thank you. I’ll do a search


Hmm, I remember something about that, but that particular issue wasn’t mine, as I don’t have any instances in my default setup with over 16 instruments requiring another port. I have each VEP instance on port 1 and all works fine.

No found it here:

Daniel might I ask is this a known thing with VSL now, and is the work around separate instances per port ?




this definitely seems to be a thing:

I was never able to determine what was really going on there, I’m afraid. I hate to speak ill of our wonderful customers, but to some degree that thread feels a bit like the blind leading the blind. There’s no reason I can think of why you should not be able to access ports beyond the first. Perhaps something to ask John about – he’s got VE Pro, and I haven’t.



far be it from me, but 2 separate instances with VE pro limited to 10 tracks each works fine. So I suspect there IS a snafu somewhere. But it’s an easy work around and totally worth it to access the new Live stage feature !



Hello @ed_buller,
In the thread you linked above I gave clear enough instructions what one should do in order to get more ports activated. VE Pro is flexible enough to cover almost every situation. :slight_smile:
First of all, before starting with creation of a VE Pro template, the most important thing is to come up with clear structure, by knowing well enough the specifications of the Virtual Instruments and their players. For example Kontakt, Halion and UVI Falcon allow loading of multiple instruments into a single instance, while Spitfire player, Sine, Synchron and VI Pro allow only single instrument per instance. Two different building strategies could be applied depending on the player.
I would recommend a VE Pro instance per instrument Group - Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion, Keys, Strings… This keep the order clear enough and well structured. :slight_smile:

Best wishes,