VSL Violin Harmonics Playback Not Switching Consistently

Dorico 2 is not playing back solo violin harmonics consistently . There is a discrepancy between what’s shown in Write Mode and Play Mode and playback is incorrect:


I’m using this Cubase VSL expression map: VSL Strings - Violins, Violas, Celli.expressionmap

Attached is the project file.

I’m stumped!

VSL Violin Harmonics Test.dorico.zip (529 KB)

The main problem here is that the playback length of a playing technique and its drawn length currently don’t match: the playback length of the one in your project is two quarters, though the symbol draws on three quarters’ worth of music. Rather than selecting three notes and marking them all as harmonics in one operation, select only a single note and create a harmonic on that, then copy it with Alt+click to the other notes. You’ll notice then that you can select the three harmonics independently, which you can’t do when you select three notes and create all three harmonics at once: the former produces three separate playing techniques, the latter creates a single one that lasts for two quarters.

So what’s going on here, then?

Same project, ‘o’ added and then alt-clicked to the second note. None of the harmonics play back.


Also, is there a Dorico reason that selecting three notes and applying the ‘o’ with one click doesn’t make sense? I’m still struggling to understand the playing techniques system.