Vst 1.1.30 - mixer

zwei Fehler im Mixer:
1.) Nach Schließen eines Projektes und öffnen eines vorhandenen oder neuen Projektes werden Mixer-Groups des geschlossenen Projektes angezeigt.
2.) Das Löschen einer Mixer-Groups (mit Plugins) gibt es einen ohrenbetäubenden Knall.
Workarounds bekannt.
Gruß Heino

Ein weiterer Mixer-Fehler:
Das umbenennen von Parts wirkt sich im Mixer erst nach Schließen und Öffnen des Projetes aus.
Ich hab auch schon Einzelfälle gehabt, in denen dieser Fehler nur durch löschen des Parts zu lösen waren.

Hi @hleemhuis,

please let us use the English language for communication. Thank you

  1. I cannot reproduce that one. That is what I am doing:
  • Start VL, New Project, Select MIXER tab
  • Add 4 GROUP channel to the Mixer
  • Save Project and close VL
  • Start VL again, New Project, Select MIXER tab
  • ADD 1 GROUP Channel and rename the channel
  • Load last project with “Menu / File / Recent Project”
  • The current GROUP channel will be removed and groups from the last project are loaded

What are you doing?

  1. Argh, yes. I am really, really sorry. We’ll fix that.
  2. Sorry, I don’t get that. Can you give me please a detailed description?
  • Start VL, New Project
  • Add a new Part. Select and Rename it.
  • What happens now?

Thank you,

1.) Plugin Window outside the mainscreen

2.) Name of a closed project

3.) Cutted Plugin

… sorry. Fixed. Next update.

Hi @Heino_Leemhuis,

I am lost with [1] and [2]. Can you please give me some more details?


to 1.)
I’m using VSTlive on a Laptop 1366x766 Fullscreen.
I think the Plugin-Window has a fixed size. If I click to insert a new plugin the left/bottom position of the plugin window is used to position the plugin window. If bottom position + height (of the plugin) is greater 766 the top position of plugin is outside the screen.

to 2.)
I think not all variables will be initialized when choosing a new project.

That is still very vague, could you pls. be a bit more specific, else this leaves us to wild guessing, thanks.

I’m not a programmer. I could show the errors. To fix the errors thats your part.

Hi @hleemhuis,

your description for [1] was very helpful. We could fixed it and the fix will be included in the next update. But for [2] we are still lost. It’s always helpful if we can reproduce bugs. Let me give you my steps to reproduce your report

  • Start VL, Select LAYERS Tab. “Part 1” is displayed in the LAYERS tab.
  • Rename “Part 1” to “99RO ARIA”. The new name of the part is also displayed in the LAYERS tab
  • Save Project as “14HC SX-Harpischhord”
  • Start New Project
  • A New project and a new part called “Part 1” will be created. The name “Part 1” is also displayed in the LAYERS tab
  • Load last project. The first Part is called “99RO ARIA” and it is displayed also in the LAYERS tab.

What am I doing wrong?

Hi Mr. Spork,
Step 1:
Start VSTlive and open a saved project.
No update, insert or delete

Step 2:
“File” “New” “New Project”
No update, insert or delete
See the marked area in the image - Thats the data of last project


And that is very kind of you, as it helps us and others, so thank you for that!

Absolutely, and we want to and we do best we can. But for that, we need to know what the error is in the first place. You showed a picture, but it doesn’t reveal what the error is supposed to be?

In any case let me repeat that we are thankful for all of your help!

Ok, got it. It may be what you want (after all, it’s the MAIN output), but it’s certainly inconsistent, will fix, thanks!

new Error:
1.) Start VSTlive with “Scan Plugins on Start” Yes
The Steinberg Plugins are visible.

2.) Start VSTlive with “Scan Plugins on Start” No
The Steinberg Plugins art NOT visible…


Cannot confirm or reproduce using VST Live Pls try to narrow:

  • new project, scan on start is on
  • insert autopan to MAIN channel
  • save “test”
  • switch scan on start to off
  • exit
  • start again, load “test”
  • autopan is present and working, and all Steinberg plugs can be selected

So what’s different for you?