Vst 2 on Wavelab 11.1

Hi Guys
Even when I remove my vst 2 folder from my computer, Wavelab 11.1 is booting up requesting I start with Rosetta as it can’t load vst2. This is odd as I have removed these plugins. When I attempt to load an old montage, Wavelab then asks me to find replacements for these plug ins. To my surprise, when I go to select a replacement vst, most of my vsts are missing even though they are all VST3. Starting up with Rosetta cures all this, but I’m curious as to why removing my vst 2 folder is still triggering this alert. Should I be bothered about working under Rosetta?

There is a generic alert at WaveLab’s startup in Apple Silicon mode, that does not depend on whether you have VST-2 plugins or not. This message can be omitted for future lauches.

Thanks PG. But I guess still have the problem that my projects from v11 wont open in v11.1 Do you have any suggestions?

You mean, you don’t see the VST-3 plugins even if you are in Apple Silicon mode?
This is normal if your VST-3 plugins are not Apple Silicon compatible.
Check with your plugin manufacturers. And maybe continue using Rosetta.

You might also try to force a plugin to rescan, under Apple Silicon mode, to refresh the list of plugins recognized by WaveLab.

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But all the plugins showed up before 11.1? (not using Rosetta)
Why has 11.1 changed that?

Before WaveLab 11.1, WaveLab was showing all plugins (VST-2 and VST-3) that were Intel-compatible.

This is still the case w with WaveLab 11.1, when run in Rosetta mode.

But with WaveLab 11.1 running in Native Apple Silicon mode, only VST-3 plugins that are natively built for Apple Silicon, are visible.

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Something really weird happened PG.
I mastered a project at 96k on version 11 and everything was perfect. FInal renderings were flawless.

Now on 11.1 (under rosetta) when I open this same project, one song keeps maxing out the CPU and distorting badly. This never happened before. It rendered out perfectly under version 11.

The project possibly corrupted somehow?

Maybe a plugin was updated and is causing this? Try to disable clip plugins one by one.

Hi …

You are using montages yes? I would double check that there are not clip effects inserted in an edit or something that are effectively ‘duplicating’ the plugin chain.

You can check easily by going to the montage Master Effects>Menu>Plugin Map