vst 2.x plugin manager (waiting more than 5 minutes)

Anybody konws how to solve that?

in my laptop i7 8ram spend more than 5 minutes hanging on vst 2.x plugin manager.

in my studio pc i7 16 ram ssd etc…1 minute .

Thats not normal.



Do you have exactly the same count of folders to chceck? And exactly the same plug-ins?

Some plugins are difficult in startup (BFD for example), most of the time these are time-outs due to plugin scanning.

I wonder whether cubase actually requires to perform scanning at startup. Other DAWs don’t do that. It’s a joy killer.


It’s because of safety reason. Some other DAWs don’t do this and some of them are then in trouble, when the plug-in changes (for example because of an update).

I wouldn’t mind scanning if only Cubase was rock solid thanks to it - but it’s not, so I see no point of this.

Cubase Pro 8.5 actually worked perfectly fine in trial mode. I just activated it and ran into this issue. To respond to the issue someone else brought up about constantly scanning… This could be avoided if Cubase generated a Checksum. If the VST plugins changed the checksum would be invalid and it could trigger a scan. If no change in the checksum is detected then Cubase loads instantly.

Other apps do this and is pretty common. Someone should forward this suggestion to the developers.

I have got the same problem. Updating from 8.0, it now takes a lot of time to scan VST2.0 plugin-manager. BUT: If it once has started and you close the program, it takes seconds to load. This is very frustrating.

See here: