VST 3.7.1 SDK Released

Dear VST Developers,

Steinberg Media Technologies today releases the VST SDK 3.7.1

Here’s a brief overview of changes

  • New Flags/Enums:
  • NoteIDUserRange: Reserved note identifier (noteId) range for a plug-in. Guaranteed not used by the host.
  • cmake:
  • Rename files with SMTG_ prefix
    • Rename functions with smtg_ prefix
    • Reorganize files
    • Make VSTSDK more Mingw32 compatible
    • Support AUv3 building without team ID
    • Fix path handling in smtg_add_plugin_resource
  • Plug-in wrappers:
  • AAX Wrapper (VST 3 - AAX Wrapper):
    • Add support of offline processing
    • Audio Unit v3 (AUv3) (VST 3 - Audio Unit v3 Wrapper):
    • Add support of offline processing
    • Fix output bus activation
    • Fix when the component is not loaded from UI-Thread
  • Helpers classes:
  • GetPluginFactory() def-file vs. declspec
  • VST3PluginTestHost v3.0:
  • New control voltage bus info column
    • New links in help menu
    • New enable MPE Support
    • Dark-Light scheme Support
    • Fix “Valid State Transition” test always fails a 64-bit-only plugin #50
    • Fix automation unit test
  • VST3 Project Generator v2020.10:
  • New support of VSTGUI
    • Enable Symbolic link on Windows
    • Add VST3PluginTestHost.exe as Debugging->Command on Windows
    • Improve generate cmake file
    • Fix freeze after having choosing a wrong cmake.exe path

The SDK can be downloaded here:

Online documentation available under:

Your Steinberg Team

I am trying to link to the new 3.7.1 sdk (was using 3.7 before) and the compiler can not find the following symbols :

static class Steinberg::FUID const Steinberg::IPlugFrame::iid
static class Steinberg::FUID const Steinberg::IPlugViewContentScaleSupport::iid
static class Steinberg::FUID const Steinberg::IPlugView::iid

Are there instructions for going from 3.7 to 3.7.1?

Thank yoiu

Found the problem, I had to link with “sdk_common.lib”