VST 3.7.11 SDK Released

Dear VST Developers,

Steinberg Media Technologies today releases the VST SDK 3.7.11

Here’s a brief overview of changes:

Version 3.7.11 (2024/04/22)

  • Interface changes:

    • New Vst::IRemapParamID: allows the plug-in to ask the host to remap some parameter ID if needed.
  • New Flags/Enums:

  • Documentation

  • cmake

    • references to VST 2 are removed from the SDK.
  • Plug-in Wrappers:

    • VST 2 Wrapper is removed from the SDK.
  • Examples:

    • New VST 3 plug-in example:
      • New Test Remap ParamID showing how a VST 3 plug-in could replace an another VST 3 plug-in (in this case AGain) and remap the parameters ID.

The SDK can be downloaded here:

Online documentation available under:
VST - VST 3 Developer Portal (steinbergmedia.github.io)
VST 3 Main Webpage

Your Steinberg Team

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