VST 3.7.2 SDK Released

Dear VST Developers,

Steinberg Media Technologies today releases the VST SDK 3.7.2

Here’s a brief overview of changes

  • VSTGUI 4.10
    • minimum requirement C++14.
    • VSTGUI now needs to be initialized and terminated explicitly. See VSTGUI::init()
    • UIDescription files are now written in JSON format and the old XML format is deprecated
    • It’s now possible to conditionally remove the XML parser and the expat library from building (set VSTGUI_ENABLE_XML_PARSER to 0)
  • Licensing has changed to version 2.1! Please read the new license agreement VST 3 Licensing Issues. (if you have already signed the version 2.0 of the license agreement you do not have to sign it again).
  • New Flags/Enums:
    • New predefined 3D speaker arrangement:
      • k220 (L R C Ls Rs Lc Rc Cs Sl Sr Tc Tfl Tfc Tfr Trl Trc Trr Tsl Tsr Bfl Bfc Bfr)
    • Some arrangements renamed:
      • “7.1 Music (Dolby)”=>“7.1
      • “7.0 Music (Dolby)”=>“7.0
      • “7.1 Cine (SDDS)”=>“7.1 SDDS
      • “7.0 Cine (SDDS)”=>“7.0 SDDS
  • cmake:
    • Code styling changed
    • Each library defined which is the minimal requirement for C++ version (11 for pluginterfaces) by using target_compile_features
    • New flag: SMTG_CXX_STANDARD in order to overwrite the default used version of C++ (11)
    • New flag: SMTG_CUSTOM_BINARY_LOCATION: Customize output location for binaries
    • New flag: SMTG_CXX_STANDARD: C++ standard version used for plugins: 14, 17, 20
    • New flag: SMTG_ENABLE_ADDRESS_SANITIZER: Enable Address Sanitizer
    • Add check for C11 atomic header
    • Add support for enabling Sanitizer
    • Add new file SMTG_SetDebugExecutable.cmake: allows to preconfigure the debug executable to run
    • Fix LOCAL_JACK_LIB in SMTG_FindJack.cmake on Windows
    • Fix link plug-in to common location on Windows
    • Fix: Failing unit test with validator results in plug-in resources/snapshots not being copied
  • Plug-in Wrappers:
    • AAX Wrapper
      • Fix Export Symbols for AAX on macOS
    • Audio Unit v2
      • Fix AUv2 with Xcode 12
  • Samples:
    • New VST 3 hosting example:
      • VST3 Inspector app: example showing how to parse the available VST3 plugins factories, using VSTGUI.
    • C++14 minimum requirements for validator, audiohost, editorhost, Inspector app
  • Helpers classes:
    • New file handling module initialization: public.sdk\source\main\moduleinit.cpp, public.sdk\source\main\moduleinit.h
    • #include <windows.h> instead of #include <Windows.h>
    • Fix incorrect string copy regression in HostAttributeList::getString
    • Fix some Validation tests: SliceProcessingTest,ValidStateTransitionTest.
    • Fix module_linux.cpp building in C++20 mode
  • VST3PluginTestHost v3.1.0:
    • new context menu entry for instantiated plugin: “Export Presets Parameters as XML” which allows to load automatically VST3 presets and export them as XML files.
  • VST3 Project Generator v2021.03:

The SDK can be downloaded here:

Online documentation available under:

Your Steinberg Team