VST 3 third party, when ?

I been wondering how long it’s been sense VST 3 has been out and no one has jumped
onboard or very few have, now that 2 programers kit is no longer available we should
start seeing VST 3 plugins :confused: I been really looking forward to see if VST expression would
be integrated into it…

There are lots of products available in VST3 format, even the 3.5 format…

Thanks I wasn’t sure, I guess I should pay more attention LOL
Wonder when Native Instruments will start using v3

I cannot recall exactly who said what when, but there are a number of companies that are passively not supporting VST3. There are a number of reasons for doing this, and it’s absolutely their choice, of course. As I said, I do not remember whether NI is in this category, but considering that they are not using VST3, I would think that they fall into this category.

Unfortunately, some people appear downright passionate about being against VST3, which is a shame.

Here is a list of supporting companies (from September 2013).

A developer with an existing 2.x plugin that already does everything it’s supposed to has zero incentive to port the plugin to VST3. It’s not merely a development effort, but a validation cost and a support burden.

How many hosts even support VST3, other than Steinberg’s products? A plugin developer wants to hit the biggest audience with the least development/testing/support costs. The audience just isn’t quite there yet, except in cases where a given plugin (like Waldorf Lector and several of the Antares products) actually benefits from features in VST3 that weren’t available in previous versions.

If the market starts demanding things that only VST3 can deliver, adoption will rise (but it will only succeed if more hosts adopt VST3 as well).

Funny how being a “follower” has gained new support, instead of innovating or leading. One of the bigger advantages of VST3 was the controlled use of resources;

“…helps to improve overall performance by applying processing to plug-ins only when audio signals are present on their respective inputs. Instead of always processing input signals…”

from a different perspective …this now a bragging point for AAX plug-ins, after PT saw the light and became “native conscious” LOL
The plug-in OEMs are forced to keep up because its believed the PT users will pay, whereas I suppose VST users are seen as poor DJs or something…

One can argue for and against all day, and in the end, those who have been outspoken against VST3 contributed to VST3 being less supported than would’ve been the case, had they just started porting at some point. This notion of it being expensive to do, many of them support other newer plugin formats (like the AAX, as pointed out), so why not VST3? And another excuse pops up… and so on. I.e. there was a definite anti-VST3 pushback from the beginning. Right or wrong.

It wasn’t my intention to start another argument about this, because it’s been going on for a long time. I do think however, that regardless of opinions and points, Steinberg has showed that the features of VST3(.5) are needed because they do enhance music production in a very awesome way. I do not know if any other plugin format, of importance, that do things like Note Expression (one of my absolute favorites anymore)? And if you want to introduce new feature like this, a change is sometimes needed. Even if you’ll be the punching bag. “Got balls? Steinberg does.”

Hosts, other than Steinberg that supports VST3? n-Track, FL Studio, Audition, Sonar X3 and Studio One. I also saw something about BitWig supporting VST3, but I do not know that. Technically VE Pro, SaviHost, VSTHost, etc. could be included too, since they can host VST3 plugins.

It may be interesting to know that Matthias Juwan on the Studio One team wrote (presumable the original) “version 3 of the VST plug-in specification”.

A true benefit could be sandboxing the vst processes. In the IT industry this is a common technique to seperate processes from each other.

So if one fails, others can continue without problems. I 've read that the new BITWIG daw will have this.

If Cubase had it, the whole vstplugin stability would rise up. As the vst subsystem is many times with many daw’s the true pitfall.

I wouldn’t use the IT industry as a pinnacle of stability… :wink:

VST is pretty “stable” - suppose the exact definition of that within all software is still a work in progress. …hehe

I’ll get excited about BITWIG… When they release a bit to wig about!haha

And yet every time Apple or DigiDesign come out with yet another new form, all jump on it immediately - AAX, AAX2, AU etc and I understand why as the screaming from Mac users would be deafening otherwise. I’ve even been told by mac users that - and I quote - “VST3 is a waste of time because it does not work in Logic”, yet if I said the same about AAX…

VST2 standard has been deprecated by Steinberg, and is now as obsolete as DirectX, and it is high time those who have not developed for VST3 got on with it.

I wouldn’t use the IT industry as a pinnacle of stability…

Well I do not take all the IT, but some of the High Availability database systems I work with. This was for me an example of how these big systems cope with techniques to keep things steady… :mrgreen: